Rehabilitation Therapy


Canine rehabilitation therapy is a relatively new field, but may be more familiar to those familiar with the human field of physical therapy (PT).  

Alpine Animal Clinic's  state-of-the-art Rehabilitation Center is complete with Water Treadmill to accurately and specifically target the needs of your pet by pinpointing depth of water and thereby the amount of weightbearing, resistance, and strength training as your pet recovers.  

Simple floating and swimming in a pool does not allow for changes in your pet's condition by increasing resistance and ability to bear weight gradually, but simply floats them passively with a life jacket.  A water treadmill allows passive floatation too, for any size patient, but offers the following advantages:
    • Allows careful and gradual return to weightbearing
    • Provides gradual increase in resistance 
    • More effectively increases muscle tone, coordination, and condition
    • This improves recovery and strength far beyond a simple swimming pool.
treadmill dane
indoor area

We offer rehabilitation therapy for targeting specific conditions such as nerve and muscle degeneration and neuromuscular pain. Therapeutic massage, conditioning and strength training, and rehabilitation therapy can help your pet regain function and strength faster and with better results.  Our amazing 11,000 square foot state of the art facility offers long-term rehab boarding with an indoor exercise area, too, for those patients who do not live near Helena.  Come see the difference rehabilitation and strength conditioning with our highly-trained staff can make in your loved one.

Our goal is to provide exceptional care for even the most complicated cases, and we can coordinate care with your veterinarian from any other clinic, too.  Please feel free to call our team to schedule your consultation, or for more information: (406) 449-7155.