Princess and her Gallstones


Princess is an elderly cat with no previous health problems until a sudden episode of vomiting, fever and lethargy. She was taken to Dillon Small Animal Hospital in Dillon, Montana, where Dr. Kerry Pride diagnosed her with gall stones. Dr. Pride referred the case to Alpine Animal Clinic for treatment and surgery.


Dr. Heidi Wampler used ultrasound (image to the right) to confirm the diagnosis and location of the gall stones. Ultrasound also confirmed that there were no other health problems to complicate Princess going to surgery. Princess was sent to surgery to remove the stones and gall bladder (cholecystectomy). Princess recovered well with intravenous fluids and medications, and spent approximately a week in intensive care at Alpine. Once she was more stable, she transfered back to her regular veterinarian.

Princess' owner reports she is now doing well and is back to her fiesty self!

In her own words she says, "Presently, she is doing well and continues to be very devoted to me.  I want to thank everyone for the care and consideration they gave to Princess and I during this time. Once again, thank you...."

Ultrasound Gall Bladder

Ultrasound image of Princess' gall bladder (GB). Alpine uses modern, non-invasive ultrasound technology to diagnose problems before they go to surgery--or sometimes to avoid unnecessary surgery.


Princess back in her own element